• ERNEST VILLAZANA-BANUELOS, A037 837 474 (BIA June 25, 2013)  -  IJ erroneously placed burden on respondent to show he did not abandon LPR status. IJ mistakenly concluded that repsondent abandoned LPR status by signing For I-407 and admission with I-551 stamp. 


Special Immigrant Juvenile Status 


  • M-G-M-M-, AXXX XXX 194 (BIA June 1, 2015)  -  Cases involving unaccomanied minors seeking SIJ status should be admin closed or reset pending state court proceedings. 

  • W-E-P-M-, AXXX XXX 859 (BIA July 15, 2016)  -  IJ erroneously denied continuance where respondent filed peititon in apprpriate State Court. 


Controlled Substances 


  • V-M-B-B-, AXXX XXX 732 (BIA March 27, 2015)  - Trafficking cocaine under N.C.G.S. 90-95(h)(3) is not an aggravated felony. DHS did not demonstrate the statute was divisible for purposes of the modified categorical approach. 


Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT)


  • Juan Carlos Clase, A043 986 617 (BIA April 25, 2014)  -  Attempted Gang Assault Assault in the Second Degree in violation of NYPL §§ 110-120.06 is not a CIMT because it imposes a strict liability of unintended results and is "legally impossible for trial purposes." 




  • Gustavo Soto Enriquez, A087 274 650 (BIA August 5, 2015)  -  Reversed discreitonary denial of  adjustment of status where IJ improperly relied on discrepancies between the respondent's testimony and pre-setence investgation report regarding an alleged offense for which the respondent was never convicted. 


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