We practice all areas of immigration law. Below are the most common cases that we
handle on a regular basis. 
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We represent clients in removal proceedings anywhere in the country. Our team has ample experience handling both non-detained and detained cases. 


If you have received a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court you should schedule a consultation with us to find out what forms of relief are available to you and how best to proceed in your removal hearings. 


We handle both affirmative Asylum applications and Asylum cases for those already in removal proceedings. 


If your loved one is has been detained by ICE near the border they may be subject to expediated removal. We can get them scheduled for a Credible Fear Interview allowing them to stay in the US and bring fight for Asylum.

Our team also has ample experience handing Convention Against Torture cases and Withholding of Removal cases. 

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We handle many types of waivers. If you are inadmissible or have criminal issues our team may be able to obtain a waiver for you.

Our team of attorneys have been extremely sucessful with 601A Provisional Waivers. If you are married to a US Citizen or have a US Citizen parent you may be able to get a green card despite having entered the country illeaglly. *NEW FULE allows spouse or child of  Green Card Holder to get 601A Waiver.



Family Based Visas

​We handle all forms of family based visa petitions. If you have a family member who is an Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder) or is a US Citizen then they may be able to petition for you to receieve a family based visa even if you are in the US right now without status. 


Employment Visas

We handle all forms of Employment Visas including nonimmigrant employment visas, seasonal worker visas, TN NAFTA, and PERM-Labor Certifications.

Nonimmigrant Visas

​Our team can help you obtain nonimmigrant visas for family members or friends. We can help you get tourist visas for family members to come visit the US or student visas for your family or friends to study here in the US.

"U and T Visas" (victim)

If you have been the victim of a crime you may be eligible for U or T nonimmigrant status. These are often referred to as U or T Visas. While a U or T visa will not get you a Green Card immedietely it will legalize your status in the US and put you on the path to get a Green Card.


Our Team has been sucessfull in obtaining U Visas for many clients and could help you in this complicated process. If you have been a victim of a crime here in the US you should schedule a consultation to find out if you qualify for a U Visa. 


​Our team has sucessfully obtained DACA for many since it was initially introduced and now that the renewal process has begun we are working hard to make sure all our DACA clients get their status renewed before it expires. 


If you entered the US prior to your sixteenth birthday you may be eligible for DACA. You should schedule a consultation or email us to find out if you qualify. 

If you have DACA and plan on renewing you should contact a lawyer ASAP as the timeline to renew is very rigid and if you do not file in time you may acrue unlawful presence and lose your ability to legally work in the US. 


Appeals & Post Order

If you have been ordered removed or deported but have remained in the country there are still many options available to you depending on your circumstances. Don't think a final order means that you are out of options. Schedule a consultation or email us to find out what options you may have. 

If you have recently lost a case in immigration court then we may be able to bring an appeal to the BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) to have them decide whether the Immigration Judge was wrong in denying your case. 

Juvenile Cases (SIJS)

If you are a child under the age of 21 you may be eligible to get Special Immigrant Juvenile Status if you have been abandoned by one or both of your parents. 


If you are a parent who's spouse has abandoned the family then your child may be eligible to get SIJS and you should do so for them while they are young enough to be eligible. 

Mandamus Actions

If you have a case that has been pending for months or even years after USCIS was suppose to have issued a decision then you can bring a Mandamus Action asking a federal judge to force USCIS to issue a decision. 


If your Adjustment of Status (Green Card Application) or Naturalization Application has been pending beyond the proper time frame then a Madnamus Action should be considered. 


If your attorney has told you that there is nothing that can be done to make USCIS issue a decision they are incorrect. A Mandamus Action is a viable option to speed up your case. Our team has been sucessful in using Mandamus Actions to get USCIS to issue decisions on cases that were being stalled for years.

Deferred Action

If you are in removal or have already been ordered removed we can help you obtain "Deferred Action." While this will not give you any status in the US it will allow you to remain in the country without fear of deportation. 


​We handle routine naturalization cases but also very complex ones. If you have any criminal history you should consult with an attorney before naturalizing as you may actually get yourself put into removal proceedings. 

Furthermore, there are many people who automatically naturalized or are eligible to naturalize and don't even know it. Set up a consultation with us today to find out more.


Habeas Corpus Writs

If your loved one is being held in ICE detention and told he or she is not eligible for a bond determination hearing there is something that can be done. A Writ of Habeas Corpus allows a federal judge to review the matter and determine whether or not your loved one is eligible for bond. 

Bond Determination 

​If your loved one is being held in ICE detention we can schedule a Bond Determination Hearing in order to get them out of detention. We will also advocate to get an absorbinate Bond Determination lowered to a more reasonable amount in some cases get your love one released without any bail needing to be posted. We can ensure that your loved one spends as little time in jail as possible


Adjustment of Status

It may be possible for you to adjust status (obtain a Green Card) based on your relationship to a US Citizen or Green Card holder or based on your relationship to a person with a petition pending. 


Your employer may also sponsor you. 

Freedom of Information Act

Make an initial freedom of information act request to obtain a copy of your immigration file or other useful information for your case. You can also appeal FOIA results that are denied or redacted. Learn more about FOIA.