This is a sample of what a Notice to Appear (NTA) looks like.

This is a sample certificate of English translation. Any document submitted in a foriegn language must be accompanied by an english translation and a certification of translation. 

This is a sample of a Certificate of Service that must be filed with anything that is filed with the Immigraiton Court. 

This is a sample Immigration Court Cover Page Word Doc that you may edit to add your information. 

This is a sample Immigraiton Court Cover Page with instructions in PDF Format.

Sample Certificate of Service

This is a sample certificate of service for immigation court in a word doc so you may add your own information. 

NYC Office of Chief Counsel Cover Sheet

This is the NYC Office of Chief Counsel's Cover Sheet. This sheet should be put on top of all motions served on ICE/OCC at 26 Federal Plaza. 

When you submit a motion to the Immigration Court you should include a proposed order for the Immigration Judge. 

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